Given the popularity and expense of Manhattan Beach real estate, particularly for those who cannot spend as much time as they want along the shore, vacation rentals offer an affordable option. This is true for Manhattan Bean and nearby South Beach vacation rentals that offer individuals, couples, families, and friends the ability to experience luxury living for a day, week, or longer. What follows are some of the top South Beach vacation rentals that are at or near Manhattan Beach, so you can enjoy the unbelievable ocean view along with the many activities associated with this part of Southern California.

Hermosa Beach Strand Mansion
Located in nearby Hermosa Beach, the Strand Mansion is an opulent fixture in the region. With five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and the ability to sleep up to twelve people comfortably, this remarkable mansion offers one of the best views of the ocean you can find in the area. A rooftop lounge makes every night spectacular as you drink in the sunsets. The only downside is that there is a 30-day minimum stay required. But if you are planning an extended trip, perhaps a honeymoon or more formal gathering, the Hermosa Beach Strand Mansion offers the ultimate in luxury.

Beachfront Home w/Swimming Pool
If you only have a long weekend to enjoy the scenery, then this spectacular beachfront home may be the answer. This 7800-square foot home offers seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and the ability to sleep up to fourteen people comfortably. Of the many sumptuous elements of this luxury home is the stunning swimming pool. You can careen down the slide into the pool or sit in the jacuzzi and drink in the sunset amid the luxury provided by this remarkable home. The minimum stay is only three to four nights which makes it perfect for that weekend getaway.

Terranea Luxury Ocean View Villa
Instead of being along the beach, you can instead enjoy a spectacular view from a short distance up a prominent hill. The Terranea Luxury Ocean View Villa offers three beds, three bathrooms, and can sleep up to eight people comfortably. You get all the amenities and none of the crowds as you can really enjoy the incredible sunsets from your villa. Plus, the minimum stay is just two nights, making this a wonderful place to spend the weekend.

Three-Story Venice Mansion
If you are looking for something a bit cozier for the week, then this beautiful Venice mansion may do the trick. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one half-bath, and the ability to sleep six people comfortably, you are near the beach and in the middle of all the activities. Although you may find yourself enjoying the large living and dining rooms that are perfect for entertaining guests. The minimum stay is five nights, making it the perfect week-long vacation spot.

The South Beach vacation rentals allow for an unforgettable night, weekend, week, or longer of luxury living. Given the popularity of Manhattan Beach real estate, a vacation rental may be the only way you get to live like a king if only for a short time while not blowing out your budget.