After collecting reviews from several visitors, we have prepared a list of top 5 bars to enjoy happy hours in South Bay Beach Cities. The top rated locations to have fun with friends are Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. And the great news for nightlife lovers is that all these places are loaded with classic bars that are rated on top for night hangouts.

Top 5 Best South Bay Bars to Enjoy Happy Hours:

  1. The Original Sharkeez at Manhattan Beach:

This bar was popular as a watering hole for locals in the city and they considered is a top rated drinking landmark for years. This bar had almost everything in it, including fantastic food collections, loud music, lots of surf videos and loads of creative drinks that are served in plastic buckets. The Original Sharkeez used to stay crowded all the time with crazy nightlife lovers. It served unlimited visitors until mid-2000 and was rated as a top spot for the Friday night and Friday happy hour.

  1. Red Onion at Redondo Beach:

The Redondo Beach has a great reputation among tourists and the local residents as well. This site is often found too crowded and the buzz stays here for the whole of the night. Red Onion is one of the most loved notorious party bar at this location where most of the youngsters from different corners of the world love to gather to celebrate weekend parties. Locals love this place more for the super cheap yet delicious food collections and the big drinks. Note that, this popular Best Redondo Beach Bar is also created by the operators of Sharkeez.

  1. Hermosa Salon at Hermosa Beach:

Here is one more long-standing music venue in South Bay that is rocking out right from 1975. This salon is located on Pacific Coast Highway of Hermosa Beach. Developers have maintained this bar with old western style appearance where people come to enjoy ultimate collections of music at least two times a week. Most of the locals from the beach area can be found enjoying in this South Bay bar on weekends so it is rated as top stay in touch point of Hermosa Beach.

  1. Sunsets at Manhattan Beach:

When developers of La Paz bar got curious to earn more money, they decided to create a restaurant cum bar in the South Bay area. Their dream came out in form of Sunsets that was later named as Beaches. This Best Manhattan Beach Bar was on peak popularity between the 90s to 2000s and most of the tourists, as well as locals, loved to enjoy here on weekends, especially on Friday nights.

  1. Beach Bum Burt’s at Redondo Beach:

Today you will find a cheesecake factory at its place but during early-mid 80s, this bar was the common ground for classy and memorable night hangouts. It was popular for mahi-mahi and excellent coconut shrimp collections but on Friday nights as well as on Sunday Afternoons, this platform used to serve singles with top-notch collection of drinks and loud music.