When it comes to getting a home in grand style, it is hard to look further from a Manhattan Beach home. This fairly sized city with nautical borders has the best scenery and peaceful neighborhood around California, and it is home to lots of high profile executives and celebrities. When it also comes to fun, the Manhattan Beach city is also at the top; watching the beach ebbing with the waves, surfers riding the ocean waves, horseback ridings, plus the neighborhood is a 20 minutes’ drive from the famous Dodgers stadium, and lots more. Little wonder it is being dubbed the “The Bubble city”.

Just as Manhattan Beach offers the best of everything, it is just as so the most expensive community in the South Bay Real Estate and the U.S and offers you the best of the best. Here are top expensive houses for sale that you might need to break your bank for.

Address: 2722, The Strand, Manhattan Beach California
This 6,025 square ft. double lot property is the perfect Manhattan Beach dream, containing 8 bedrooms and 9 baths, a very wide living area, with an underground basement that could house your movie theatre, gym, and collection of wines; it is one of the largest lots on The Strand avenue. The best part is its spectacular 180-degrees view of the Ocean the house affords you, and the ability to divide the lots and increase the number of homes you can build. This grandiose building overlooking the beach is for sale at $22,750,000

1804 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA
With an expansive view of the beach from the Palos Verdes to Malibu, this building will take the breath of your guests away. This 5 bed and 5 bath castle is built on 3994 square foot beach grounds and has an extended 2 car parking space. The perfectly cut-mahogany doors lead you to rooms of allure and awe, on lush, expensive cherry wood floors. This house is open for sale and will be yours for $18,500,500

1920 The strand, Manhattan Beach, CA
We should agree that when it comes to houses on the popular The Strand avenue, special attention is paid to even the smallest detail. The upper deck of this house has a beautiful view, that spreads the ocean wide and far. The sleek finish to the cabinetry in the kitchen at the center of the home, brass equipment, and custom made countertops will make your kitchen ‘eatable’. 0ther benefits include soundproof home theatres, elevators, and a large 3 car garage all sitting on 5,574 square feet of land. This property is sold for $16,900,000

3400 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266
Now if you are a collector of wines, this house on the South Bay real estate is the right one for you, with its 1500-bottle capacity wine cellar. This magnificent house has just about anything anyone can desire in a house, from elegance to hand-made artistry and designs. The 5 bedrooms and 5 baths would ensure you have plenty of room for guests and visitors, A fireplace so warm, that the cold windy nights are no match, Home automation system that will make you ‘lazy’, a patio and porch for relaxing while overlooking the undulating waves out on the beach, great spa features and a large bar. This home is a place where sand, wind, and the oceans spell out royalty and class.

This house is sold for $15,900,000
All houses at the Manhattan Beach are sensational, as the list extends beyond…