Where Is Hermosa Beach?
Hermosa Beach is a beach town in Southern California. It is a beachfront city in Los Angeles County in the South Bay of Greater LA. Nestled between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach sits on the Santa Monica Bay and enjoys over 320+ days of sun. Hermosa Beach is an epicenter of beach leisure, boardwalk strolls, and high-end lifestyle. The main drag can be easily accessed via Vista del Mar or off the 405 on Artesia Blvd. If you are coming for the sun, you’ve reached your goal, and if you’ve come to stay, make sure your wallet matches the sticker price. Talk about sticker envy, South Bay real estate has serious luxury.

What Are The Ranges Of Prices?
With anything for sale, there is a rage of values that reflect the market and the property characteristics. Homes are no exception to this principle. Does the house have multiple levels? Central AC? Finished basement? Pool? Good school district? A large yard? How about a garage, car port, or a covered porch? Are the rooms upgraded to modern finishing and appliances? Sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor can help narrow the search and filter the results. But sometimes it is nice to know what the goal posts are.

Homes for sale in Hermosa Beach range in value from just under $1 Million to over $18 million. That is a pretty large range. It is one thing for a home to be listed at a price, but there is another thing for it to be worth the price based on the characteristics and the amenities. So, what does $1M, $5M, $10M, and $15M get you in Hermosa Beach, California?

$1 Million Dollar Homes In Hermosa Beach, California
With only about 7 homes for sale in Hermosa Beach below the $1.25 Million Dollars mark, most homes are going to be pretty pricey. For a million dollars you can get around one thousand square feet. This will be a one or squeezed two bedroom apartment or condo in a larger complex that may or may not be near the water. Granted all of Hermosa beach is near the water but location is everything when it comes to properties. These units for sale are as close as you are going to get to the beach but will also come with necessary upgrades or style changes when you move in. If you are looking for a standalone building this shack is about as cheap as you can get in the $1M price range. If you are investing in property or looking to move to Hermosa Beach, something with a little more comfort could be a better fit.

$5 Million Dollar Homes In Hermosa Beach, California
The South Bay real estate has a lot more to offer in the low millions. There are currently around 50 homes for sale in Hermosa Beach in the $1-5 Million Dollar range. This range in home value starts the true family home for Hermosa Beach. In this value you can get larger standalone condos and larger homes that could house a family for the life of the people. The amenities are greater and the views and proximity to the beach and comfort locations are easier.

Most of them, like this one, will have ocean views and completely updated interiors with modern furniture and appliances. The square footage ranges between 1,400 and 4,000 square feet depending on the quality and location of the property. This property even has a first-floor garage for completely off-street parking and a roof top deck with a hot tub. Though there are more reasonable family homes, like this 3-bed 1-bath single story home. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you are going to have to pay more than $5 Million for the propert.

$10 Million Dollar Homes In Hermosa Beach, California
Homes for sale in Hermosa Beach between $5 and $11 Million dollars are far and few in between. However, they are coveted homes reserved for a high-end status. There are currently only 6 homes on the market in this category. So, what does 10 Million get you in South Bay real estate in Hermosa Beach? Well, $6 Million could get you an updated and modern 4K square foot 4-bed 4-bath multi-level home with a yard that is four blocks from the beach. For only $3 Million more you could upgrade to a $9 Million Mediterranean style estate that is 7K square feet and is a 7-bed 7-bath beauty with a pool, yard, entertainment room, and outdoor grilling area. It also has its own putting green and basketball court.

$15 Million Dollar Homes In Hermosa Beach, California
There are currently only 2 homes for sale in Hermosa Beach between $11 and $16 Million. These values are reserved for something more than just the elite. They are reserved for people buying in all cash. At this price you are guaranteed a few things. First, you are guaranteed beach front property. Second, you are also guaranteed inhouse gyms, spas, and any other modern convenience. You will have a garage, but you may not have a yard due to the proximity of neighbors on the beach front properties. On the low end of $12 Million you only get a second home like this one. However, on the high end, $15 Million, of the spectrum you get a home fit for a Norwegian god. Style and updates matter in housing. South Bay real estate is tricky and must account for all of the real estate valuations.

The Most Expensive Hermosa Beach Homes On The Market Today
Currently, the most expensive house on the market is in the range of $19 Million, listed here, which gets you everything that all other houses have offered. This includes the 7K square feet, 6-bed 8-bath, beach front property, home gym, spa, entertainment room, and roof top patio. It offers everything in the style of an Old-World European city noble. So, if you have some money to burn and are looking for a <$20 Million dollar investment, South Bay real estate in Hermosa Beach has just the thing.