You are a South Bay sportsperson? You are well aware of the
importance of dressing up decently, staying in shape and healthy? Well, great then, you
are at the right place. Following is the “South Bay Workout Clothing: 101” for you:

Why is proper clothing necessary for fitness training?
Choosing the right kind of Workout Clothing is very necessary; you should be selecting the cloths
that you feel comfortable in. People get the drift if you are timid. Moreover right kind of
cloths provides motivation, keeps you at bay from injuries and provides you enough
room to move at ease in your clothes. Besides if the clothes are too tight, you will find it
irksome to move freely.

Latest trends in fitness-clothing fashion –

For women
For women, lush botanical yoga leggings, the extended-fit sports bras, the technology
associated leggings and the environment friendly clothes are in trend. The intelligent
leggings with the help of technology are designed for butt lifting, tired-leg relieving,
sweat wicking, core supporting, thigh firming and much more. You can also go with
inspirational shirts or glamorous look depending on what you feel like.

For men
For men, get ready to bring a change in your wardrobe as we have results of survey on
what women want you to wear. According to the results, in bottoms category there was
a tie between sweat pants and shorts both of which got 43% votes. In case of tops,
workout-ready sweat-wicking T-shirt were on top with 54% votes. The hooded sweat-
shirt is what she wants you to wear as post Workout Clothing extra layer. She is concerned about
your ankle support, so Nike heritage sneaker would be the best choice. Ankle socks and
black bag-pack are what is more appealing to her. If you do the opposite, you better be
expecting a knock on your door by the fashion police.

Smart clothing
If you are into smart Workout Clothing, we have the latest trend worked up for you too. They not
only look cool but help you keep track of your daily performance. The following list
descends down from cheapest to the expensive smart clothing

– Lumo Run
– NADI X Yoga Pants
– Supa Powered Sports Bra
– Sensoria Fitness Socks
– Hexoskin Smart Shirt
– Athos Full Body Kit

Getting the body odor off the clothes
Sometimes people get too tardy to do laundry and choose to re-wear the sweaty old
shirt after a mere sniff-test. But what they do not know is this does not work and besides
it is super-unhealthy. As no one for sure wants to smell like a shoe, here are quick steps
on how to clean your sweaty clothes after a workout.

– Wash workout clothes inside out
– Do not overuse detergent
– Add an odor-eliminating product like vinegar to the mix
– Switch to a sports detergent
– Never use fabric softener
– Low-heat or air drying

Following these simple guide will help you to stay hale and hearty and look trendy at the
same time.