Manhattan Beach is a beautiful city in California, and it is well known for its wonderful view, which is a major attraction for tourists. One peculiar nature of Manhattan beach is its calm and quiet. When the peace there is coupled with its sublime view and environment, it can easily be declared as an ideal place to find permanent residency. Thus, we naturally see a number of beautiful and amazing homes for sale at Manhattan Beach. The South Bay real estate provides us with a variety of options of homes that may suit our needs and desires, i.e., the kind of view or neighborhood we want, or the number of people in our family.

All this takes us to one important question: what are the largest homes for sale in Manhattan Beach?

Largest Homes available

2016 Ocean Dr
This is a luxury home that was built in 2020. Hence, the architecture is completely new, and the in-house facilities provided are pretty new as well. However, the feel to this home is completely exotic. It is really close to the beach, which makes it ideal for people that would love to sunbathe or surf once in a while. It has 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, and covers an area of 5,739 Square feet.

2515 & 2521, Alma Ave
The most interesting thing about this property is that it has a beautiful and an inexplicable, panoramic view. Another is the fact that it is not one, but two homes that are at sale for just $6,598,000. This special property was built in 1991 and has a cumulative total of 10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and occupies a total space of 7,305 Square feet. It has been built upon a total inspiration of French architecture and style of living, making it a must-buy place you should consider before moving ahead.

4122, The Strand
This is a home built back in 1947, and probably holds the status of a monument in the eyes of the residents of Manhattan Beach. What makes it unique is the fact that it has a beach view. When you couple this with the fact that it has an exquisite and antique look, and modern available facilities, it makes it a unique place for people aiming to move to the Manhattan beach. It has a total of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and covers the total area of 4,154 Square Feet.

2613 Crest Dr
This home too is special, because it has a direct view of the sea. It has a total of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and covers the total area of about 2,846 Square Feet.

Final Thoughts
The South Bay real estate has a variety of homes, from luxury to normal homes, exactly according to one’s needs and financial position. Amongst these homes for sale at the Manhattan Beach, we have given you a glimpse of one of the largest, finest and most beautiful residential spaces. There are others that you may find worth buying.