Hermosa Beach has been described as a beachfront city elegantly situated in Los Angeles County, California, United States. By the 2010 US census, the population was estimated at 19,506. This acclaimed royal city is located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles area; and it is popularly known to significantly that Hermosa Beach ranks number one in the South Bay Real Estate among the peers of the three Beach Cities of elegance in California. It is a known fact that Houses for sale in Hermosa Beach has more attractions form high class people of both young and old who are outstanding professionals and highly successful in their chosen careers.

Hermosa Beach is unique in many ways one of which is the ‘nightlife vibe,’ especially when compared with the other two of the same level of royalty and affluence. The zip code for Hermosa beach is 90254. Hermosa, a Spanish word, means “beautiful,” This city’s beach is popular for a few exciting activities such as sunbathing, beach volleyball, surfing, paddleboarding, bars, cycling, and running. Apart from Hermosa Beach code, there are other highly expensive zip codes in America such as Atherton, California (94027) Sagaponack, New York (11962), Santa Monica, California (90402), Beverly Hills, California (90210), New York, New York (10007), Boston, Massachusetts (02199), Palo Alto, California (94301), New York, New York (10013).

The Hermosa Beach itself extends only about 15 blocks from east to west and 40 blocks from north to south, with Pacific Coast Highway running down the middle. It is discovered that Hermosa Beach is a medium-sized coastal city that is situated on the ocean, a bay, or inlet, which is located in the state of California. The city has a population of 19,465 people and five constituent neighborhoods. And this makes Hermosa Beach the 315th largest community in California. All the houses in Hermosa Beach meant for sale are beautiful and modern and could be acquired through the agency of South Bay Real Estate consultancy.

Hermosa Beach home prices are among the most expensive in California. Hermosa Beach real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America. The following features have contributed to the ranking of this beach so highly:

1. It is a place for high-class citizens in the US with its royal features. Hermosa Beach is noted to be a decidedly white-collar city because about 92.20% of the inhabitants are people with workforce employed in white-collar jobs, which constitute economic income to this group of people well above the national average. Generally speaking, Hermosa Beach is a city of highly placed managers, business professionals, and very successful sales managers and office workers. Findings have shown that there are especially a lot of people living in Hermosa Beach who work in top management cooperations (21.70%), sales jobs (16.29%), and business and financial occupations (9.77%).

2. Hermosa Beach is noted to have one of the most expensive Zip codes because it is also a city of artists. Houses for sales in Hermosa Beach ranges from $1,699,000-$2,299,000 in the average. Hermosa Beach inhabits more artists, designers, and people working in media than 90% of the communities in America. The concentration of artists helps shape Hermosa Beach’s character and makes it very expensive.

3 Another factor contributing to the expensive nature of this beach, among others, is that Hermosa Beach in the South Bay Real Estate has more people who work with the computer and technology industry. This accounts for more than 95% of this category of people than other places in the US. The analysis reveals that Telecommuters are a relatively large workforce, with the figure standing at 11.58% of people who work from home. While this number may seem small overall, as a fraction of the total workforce, it is high relative to the nation. These workers are often telecommuters who work in knowledge-based and engage in white-collar professions who earn highly in America. Another category of people who added to the expensive nature of the Beach is the category of homeworkers who are self-employed people who operate small businesses at their homes.

4. In addition to the above, it is observed that Hermosa Beach, though not so large, appears to be attractive to some younger, educated professionals who help shape the city’s economic and industrial features and characters. These young educated professionals are leaders in their various professions with a high impact on commerce and economic activities in America.

5. Apart from the fact that this beach is an abode of highly sophisticated young and dynamic people, it is also the choice of the older highly educated individuals who are highly successful and very royally sophisticated and wealthy. This category of people could be described as “urban sophisticates” who are also educated professionals, and a class of people with quite different demographic. This class of people is furnished with knowledge, which adds to the reasons why Hermosa Beach is a pretty powerful place.

Statistics show that 75.08% of the adults in Hermosa Beach have earned a 4-year college degree, and some went further to earn a master’s degree, MD, law degree, or even Ph.D. When you compare this to the national average of 21.84% for all cities and towns, you know why Hermosa Beach is one of the famous and most expensive beaches in the US. These Urban sophisticates are educated and wealthy and tend to be older, richer, and more established than young professionals. The category of the people referred to as “Urban sophisticates” is not just about being educated and well-off financially, but they have had the economic value that could be adjudged solid and enduring who have had a history of supporting the arts and high-end shops within the Beach.

By 2010, a report has it that per capita income of the residents in Hermosa was $92,921, which gives a fair figure for a wealthy relative in California and the nation. This reported figure corresponds with an annual income of $371,684 for a family of four in the US at that time. This beach enjoys ethnic diversity, ranging from white residents to the Irish, Italians, Germans, Asians, and Europeans. However, the most commonly spoken language in Hermosa Beach is English though a few others speak Spanish and Chinese.

Finally, it is noted that the cost of living in Hermosa Beach is highly expensive, houses for sale in Hermosa Beach are elegant and royally, though more expensive than most estates in California and the whole of America in general. As reported, this cost of living assertions and indices are based on a US average of 100. The cost of Housing plays an important factor in determining how expensive Hermosa Beach is rated in California and the US in general. As reported, the median home price in Hermosa Beach is $1,662,900.