A Spanish word for beauty, Hermosa Beach does justice to its name. This beach portion is strategically and majestically situated at the South bay Real estate house district and is home to about 20,000 people. The great 90254 zip code of Hermosa has become popular in all of California and outside as one of the most expensive in the South Bay Real estate housing district.

The south bay is a region in California that includes all the portions and corners (15) in Los Angeles County. Hermosa Beach zip code occupies an area of about 15 blocks in width and 40 blocks in the length of the south bay region. It is one of the numerous portions in the south bay Real estate region bordering the Ocean, and with a great command of the ocean than most other counties or portions, it promises a unique vibe and liveliness. The popular beach in this region is also a site for all lots of relaxing and fun activities like; sunbathing, surfing, cycling, beach volleyball, and other activities.

What makes Hermosa distinctly expensive?
There are some distinct features of the Hermosa Beach that ensures it remains top in the ‘battle’ for the most expensive houses for sale

It is home to high-class citizens and celebrities

A high concentration of computer wizards and Tech-executives live here
It is home to a younger and active population
An uneven number of the elegant and sophisticated older population
Houses for sale in the Hermosa Beach region

2806 The strand, HB, CA
This impressive oceanfront villa is nothing short of breathtaking and will blow you off. Complete with a Home automated system; the property is crafted on the borders of royalty befitting only of the person who buys it. This home is fully loaded with smart features, an elevator, theatre, and gym and is located just within a stone throw of the beach. The handcrafted designs and carvings are done in the interior of this house exceed explanation. This house has one word…Majestic. Like many houses in this region, it is for sale at $18,995,000.

3001 The strand, HB, CA
This multiple-storeyed mansion comes with 6 bedrooms and 6 big baths and a 5 level elevator. Fully automated down to the garage doors, this house is as beautiful as the view it gets from the open oceans behind it. Complete with a sauna, gym, and rooftop Jacuzzi, this home is the DREAM! This mansion is sold for $15,900,000.

3031 The Strand, HB, CA
Strategically situated in the middle of the Hermosa and the Manhattan beaches, this house is the full package. It combines the elegance present in hand-made designs and finishes, with that extra classic touch of a Hermosa Beach home. It consists of two bedrooms, a laundry, and the main living room. The 3 car garage provides enough space to house your exotic cars. This house like others around the South Bay Real estate housing regions will have you paying $12,975,000.

1807 Valley Park Avenue, HB, CA
Among the luxury living on the western coast, this ‘castle’ proves to be the platinum standard. The Home automation system in its luxury 6 bedroom luxury residence with elegant finishing is only rivaled by the fact that it also has a Tesla charging station commissioned by Elon Musk himself. Expansive and posh designed doors lead from internal beauty to external magic; to its lagoon-shaped enticing pool, all blended in a romantic, green environment. This home is the dream… this Hermosa Beach house is on sale for $9,950,000.