Manhattan Beach is one of the best and the most beautiful villages in the South Bay region, California. To be honest, Manhattan Beach is one of the popular tourist spots in Los Angeles, and the beach has become the reason as to why people choose to visit Los Angeles. So here are some of the exciting things that you should know about the Manhattan Beach.

Great Mexican Food:

If not the other fun reasons, one of the major reasons as to why the Manhattan Beach is packed with locals and tourists is because of the wonderful Mexican food that you get to enjoy here. Yes, Manhattan Beach and the places close by in California is one of the best places in the whole of the state, where you get to enjoy the indigenous flavour of the Manhattan beaches.

Get to see some wild parrots:

Manhattan Beach is the home of the wild parrots of the United States of America. Though they are termed as wild, they aren’t as wild as we believe. Just like the other breeds of parrots, they can be tamed, and they are such a treat for the eyes. They are quite similar to the other parrot types that you see, except for the fact that they are quite big in size and can be a bit repulsive.

Shooting spot:

Manhattan Beach located in the state of California is also renowned for various other reasons. It is one of the famous shooting spots located in California. In case if you didn’t know this beach was quite popular as early as in the 1990s. The very famous television series of the 1990s, the Beverly Hills, for most of its part, was shot here. Since then, this beach has been quite famous and had visitors like all the time.

Great option for Surfing:

Out of all the beaches in Los Angeles, the Manhattan Beach is the best beach to quench your surfing thirst. If you are a good surfer, the Manhattan Beach is your place. It is one of the places in the whole of LA to offer mainstream surfing options to its visitors and locals alike. This is the reason as to why the beach is packed all the time with surfing enthusiasts.

Expensive Zip Code:

California is one the best places for real estate in the whole of United States of America. Having a looks at the list of some of the expensive zip codes in the US, we will never miss finding the Manhattan Beach zip code in LA. The Manhattan Beach zip is considered as one of the top 10 expensive zip codes in the whole of the US. This is obviously because the facilities in and around the beach area are great and the real estate prices have gone up for the same reason.