South Bay is one of the most culturally, economically, and ethnically diverse areas in the United States. It has a largely even distribution of the population across African, Asian/Pacific Islander, European, Arabic, and Latino ancestry. This background explains why South Bay Jewelry poses a diversity of deep cultural heritage, making it a hub for remarkable artistry. But sometimes, it becomes encumbering to choose from these collections. This is why in this article, we have compiled the best handmade jewelry in South Bay.

  1. Antique Dutch Poison Ring
    First on our list of South Bay jewelry is the mystical Antique Dutch Poison Ring. It has a secret compartment solid with 14kt., made circa 1850. This traditional regional jewelry is US size ¾

The Antique Dutch Poison Ring is a vintage item from the 19th century. The material and band color is gold while the style is Victorian. It is regarded as a beautiful Dutch ring featuring amazing scrollwork, lovely engravings, and a secret compartment for a tiny, a bit of hair – or perhaps, some poison. In any case, the Antique Dutch Poison Ring is approximately 5 grams, and in excellent shape for its long age. It’s most likely made for a man but could be worn by a woman. You may shop for this ring at Etsy in South Bay, where it is flanked by many other fabulous handmade jewelry in the gallery.

  1. Black Matte Onyx
    A look at their gallery would convince you that one of your favorite places to shop for jewelry is on Etsy, located in South Bay. This is not only because of the fantastic collections from independent artisans all over the world. It’s the perfect place for anyone to find their favorite handmade jewelry. One such is the Black Bead Necklace, which is part of the collection, Black Matte Onyx.

The Black Bead Necklace is of 15″ chain length. However, it is customizable at the rate of 50cents per extra inch. This Black Bead Necklace is handmade in small batches by Gingerstone Jewelry. Usually, it is made with a matte black onyx bead. Each Black Bead Necklace is made individually by hand, with quality, detail, and originality in mind.

  1. Green Onyx Necklace
    Often regarded as the customer’s favorite, the Green Onyx Necklace is a natural choice for your best handmade jewelry in South Bay. What’s more, it gives off a dark green shade under the glare of sunlight and creates a unique spectacle as it occupies your neckline.

As a handmade item, the length of the necklace is 18 inches, while the weight is 210 cts, approximately. The material is a gemstone, but specifically onyx. The closure is a lobster claw design, and its chain style is a bead. However, the Art style itself is deco. The bead shape is faceted rounded, while the bead size is 7MM to 8MM approximately. If you’re a green lover, you’re sure to derive maximum satisfaction from owning the Green Onyx necklace.

  1. Marla Trudine’s Jewelry
    Marla Trudine’s jewelry is regarded as one of the best handmade jewelry in South Bay. Marla Trudine specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, handmade, high fashion art jewelry in a private studio in South Bay, Los Angeles. Using all sustainable recycled gold and silver and ancient jewelry-making process of hand fabrication represents Marla’s niche. The beautiful pieces of jewelry you see once started as a flat gold or silver sheet, or varying types of gold and silver wire.

They were bent, sawed out, hammered, formed, shaped, soldered into unique engagement rings, diamond rings, artistic cocktail rings, opal rings, and rings with many rare and unique gemstones.In Flutter, Nectar, Dancers, and Sonnet connections, you will find unique handmade earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, and slave bracelets. The jewelry is inspired by Art Nouveau designs, Art Nouveau art, Art Nouveau architecture, and Art Deco and Modern Art. Her brightest jewelry is in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, green gold, and silver. Many of my pieces incorporate two or three gold colors together.

  1. Vrai’s Jewellery
    If you’re looking for jewelry fashioned in a pristine blend of art, fashion, and tradition, Vrai’s is your first stop. A small business that began in 2014, every piece in the collection is handmade at a locally-run factory in South Bay, downtown Los Angeles— just around the corner from the main office. Vrai’s niche is its belief in pushing the boundaries and exposing the harmful practices of the traditional jewelry industry. Vrai’s handmade jewelry collections include Stackable, Statement Rings, Midi Rings, and Bands. Needless to say, Vria’s attention to detail and giving off a traditional vibe represent his object of attraction. What’s more, Vria’s array of handmade jewelry houses a diversity of cultures that makes you feel at home.

  1. David Von Jewelleries
    For David Von, his works’ affordability is a niche he’s created, including several fantastic jewelry pieces, of course – in South Bay, Los Angeles.

Few among his best pieces of jewelry are highlighted below.

a. Initial Bezel Diamond Necklace: With a color, yellow gold, this is available in Size 16, 18, and 20 inches. With little extra shine with the natural diamonds, its letters are 0.10 total carat weight, and the diamond bezel is .06 total carat with a weight solid 14k Gold.

b. Diamond Nameplate Necklace: Made of 14KT gold and Diamonds with natural earth mined diamonds. This necklace is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Carat weight varies depending on the name but is an average of 0.50ct.

c. Dainty Diamond Letter Necklace: It is solid 14k Gold and roughly 0.13Ct per letter. Letter size average 4.3mm by 3.5mm.

You will find that possessing a South Bay jewelry gives an inexplicable feel of owning a marvel. The level of detail, quality, and diligence that go into making the handmade jewelry – the moment you set your eyes on them – is the first attraction. And that’s more because of the cultural riches and diversity of South Bay. cklace is handmade in small batches by Gingerstone Jewelry. Usually, it is made with a matte black onyx bead. Each Black Bead Necklace is made individually by hand, with quality, detail, and originality in mind.